About Us

U.S. map of West Shore Group locations

Kearney, NE  Kansas City, MO  St. Louis, MO  St Cloud, MN I Sioux Falls, SD   Fond du Lac, WI   

Proven expertise and experience

West Shore Group is a national telecommunication construction contractor. In 2013 we buried more than 150 miles of underground coax and fiber plant and more than 30,000 service drops.

Some of our current projects and customers include:

  • Time Warner Cable, Wisconsin
  • AT&T, Wisconsin
  • Consolidated Telephone, Kansas City
  • Wide Open West Telephone, South Dakota
  • TDS Telephone, Wisconsin
  • Lake Region Telephone , Oklahoma
  • SureWest Communications, Kansas City
  • Charter Communications, St. Louis
  • Charter Communications, Nebraska
  • Charter Communications, Wisconsin
  • Charter Communications, Minnesota
  • Mediacom, Minnesota
  • Mediacom, Illinois
  • Mediacom, Indiana


Logos for Charter, Mediacom, SureWest Communications and Everest Communications