Drop Division

West Shore Group drop divisionWest Shore Group drop division

The West Shore Group difference

Providing a positive customer experience

Our goal is to provide a great customer experience with every drop bury. This means from the time we receive a work order to the time the customer’s drop is buried, we want their experience to be a positive one. The customer’s experience is a direct reflection on you as well as us. West Shore Group has developed a list of steps that are followed on each drop bury to ensure the best customer experience possible.

What separates us from other contractors

We understand that drop buries have changed in the past 10 years, and West Shore Group has adjusted properly to those changes. We want each drop bury to be a one-time visit resulting in complete customer satisfaction. The way we do this is through proper management, well-experienced crews and proper equipment. Throughout the years, we have assembled an outstanding and knowledgeable team of managers who have made their entire careers in the telecommunication industry. Also through time, our core of drop crews have become some of the best in the Midwest. To keep our crews sharp and up to date, we have monthly evaluations on their performance as well as a complete training facility for new employees. Proper equipment is also a vital role in staying ahead of our competitors, which is why we have invested in the best machines in the market. Our crews are equipped with new trucks, well-maintained plows and directional drill units. Our proper equipment is one of the reasons why West Shore Group has not turned back a single drop bury in the history of our company.

Another key reason for our success is having a full-time quality control supervisor for each project. Their role is to ensure all specs are met by our crews and to provide a detailed report with pictures on each job they QC. These reports are then addressed at our monthly evaluations and can be sent to you if it is requested.

Some of the services we offer which other contractors might not include aerial cutovers, meter readings at every job, boring of any length and a 24-hour emergency service.


In a profession like drop buries, organization is a critical key to being successful. To assist in that organization, West Shore Group has designed a job tracking system (JTS).This system is an online database which allows you to view the status of any specific job at any time. The JTS is accessed through our website with a secure username and password. Information on this system includes completion date, billing codes, specific notes on that particular job, expected completion date and which crew is performing the work.

Current Projects

In 2011 West Shore Group buried more than 20,000 service drops and bored more than 50,000 feet of hard surface for drop placement in the Midwest. Our project sizes range from 491 drops a year to 13,000 drops a year. One reason for our success in a wide range of markets is our ability to be flexible and responsive to our customers' needs. We move into a project, do the job right and in turn develop a professional long term relationship with our customers. We understand that when you are making the decision to hire a new contractor, it is difficult to put all of your trust into a new company. This is why we encourage competition. Let us prove to you why we are the best option for your drop bury contractor needs. West Shore Group has built a history on letting our work do the talking. We believe that given any opportunity, our professionalism and effectiveness will lead us to more opportunities.

Our current projects consist of:

  • Charter Wisconsin
  • Charter Nebraska
  • Charter St.Louis
  • Charter Minnesota
  • Wide Open West South Dakota
  • Wide Open West Iowa
  • Mediacom Illinois
  • Mediacom Indiana
  • Mediacom Minnesota